Burlap Bunny Table Runner

Last of the Easter crafts from this year at least is a Burlap Bunny Table Runner. I started with the idea of freezer paper stencils but changed my mind once I looked at the burlap. Here is my problem with burlap, if it is a fairly open or loose weave (like the burlap I was using) the paint will not show up dark enough unless you fill in the holes and then it looses that burlap look. So instead I decided to go with fabric bunnies.

bunny table runner 7

Here is how you make the bunnies:

1. Iron fabric onto wonder under. Using a bunny stencil (that I printed off my computer) I cut out bunny shapes from different fabric pieces.

bunny table runner 3

bunny table runner 1

bunny table runner 2

bunny table runner 4

2. Peel the wonder under from the backs of the bunnies and iron it onto your burlap runner.

bunny table runner 5

*I like stitching with zig zag around the bunnies but that is optional.

bunny table runner 6

3. Next I used my trusty hot glue gun to glue the fluffy tails on the bunnies.

bunny table runner 8

4. Finally I added burlap ribbon to the ends of my table runner just to finish it off.


(I used a pre-cut burlap from Hobby Lobby)


I love the color that the fabric adds to the burlap. Easter is all about color and vibrancy for me and this candy colored table runner will bring a bit of spring to my table this Easter.

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Canvas Bunny Art

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on this adorable Bunny Banner. Today is leftover day. It is leftovers because we are going to use the bunny shape cut outs to create an Easter canvas art piece.

Here is what you need:

-blank canvas

-bunny cut outs of freezer paper


-craft paint

-hot glue gun

-ribbon and other embellishments


This project is pretty straight forward.

1. Measure your burlap to cover the canvas, make sure it can wrap around the back side of the canvas.

2. Iron the freezer paper bunnies onto the burlap. Now paint over the burlap making sure you cover the entire canvas area. Let it dry completely.



3. Peel back the bunnies to reveal the bunny silhouettes. Wrap the burlap around the canvas and hot glue the burlap to the back of the canvas.

4. Using the hot glue gun add the bunny tails and ribbon. I also added washi tape lace to the edges, creating a frame.


Hoppy Easter

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Burlap Bunny Banner-EVMB guest post

Today I am guest posting at East Valley Mom’s Blog a tutorial for this adorable burlap bunny banner.


Go check out the step by step instructions for making one of your own.

Also, for all those locals I want to let you know that the East Valley Mom’s Blog is hosting a playdate at Mesa Riverview Park on April 14th at 10:30am. I will be there so if you are in the neighborhood come on by and say hello!

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Sew Many Buttons- A Giveaway

When I was going through all my buttons to add them to the Fresh Flowers quilt I realized I have WAY TOO MANY buttons. So I am going to host a GIVEAWAY!!  You can enter the giveaway for 1 package of mixed buttons. There are 3 options to choose from:





buttons 1


buttons 3

Enter for a chance to win one of these amazing button collections by clicking on the Rafflecopter link below…
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Throwback Thursday- Fresh Flowers

This is a major TT, remember the quilt block exchange I participated in back in 2011? NO?


Well just in case you need a refresher here is the old post. Anyways, I finally finished it! This quilt was so fun because it really was a group effort. 16 women making 16 of the same blocks and then trading them out for 15 other blocks. SO MUCH FUN! I loved looking at the beautiful work some of the women in my quilt group created. They are so talented.



This is my block!! So simple but I like the ruffled center. Very non-traditional quilting.




Every block is incredible. I added some button centers to most of the blocks for added fun.


This is my favorite block. Isn’t the applique exquisite? I felt so honored to have this block on a quilt I made.




The quilt is adorable. Bright, colorful, and unique. I am so glad it is completed with flower quilting all over it for some extra flair. It is beautiful and my new favorite laptop snuggle quilt.


Fabric Find- Glitz

I will let all of you in on a little secret. We are thinking about expanding our family! The thought of a new baby can be overwhelming but my first thought was where are we going to put our current kids if we add another little bundle of joy. We have a 5 bedroom home but two of the rooms are downstairs in our finished basement. Right now my youngest is in a room by himself and my two older kids share a gender neutral room. I know that they like sharing a room but sometimes I think my daughter would like to have her own girly space away from the boys. I am not sure where we are going to put everyone once we do add to our family but in preparation I found this adorable fabric that would be perfect for a little girl or little baby girl’s bedding.

I am a sucker for mint green and gold. It has just the right amount of pizazz, perfect for a little girl’s room.


You can find some of the fabrics from this line at: Fat Quarter Shop. Now to decide the quilt pattern to use on this beautiful cotton.

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Glitter Egg Tower

glitter easter cone3

I am always on the hunt for a good deal. The Dollar Store is one of the best places to find a great deal. I am very lucky because we actually have an excellent Dollar Store right by my house. I recently went in for a quick look and found some pretty mini Easter eggs covered in glitter. I bought 5 bags as well as 1 bag of glitter eggs on dowels. I also picked up a Styrofoam cone. Then I went home and got to work. I started by hot gluing all the mini eggs to the cone in color coordinated order. This is a little tricky because if the glue is too hot it will melt the eggs and the cone so I actually put some glue on the egg, let it cool for just a second or two and then stuck it to the cone. I layered the eggs in different angles all the way to the top of the cone. Then I finished the top off with three of the dowel eggs.


Here is the end result. It is quick and pretty. A simple Easter decoration at minimal cost.

glitter easter cone2jess signature